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Wall Of Vets

Recently, I had the pleasure of speaking with Abigail Bassett an extremely talented and kind journalist and writer for the website 

It starts “In July, veterans of all races organized to form a wall of protection around protesters in Portland.” I am happy to say that this is some of the best documenting and storytelling of the Wall of Vets and even though the prospective is from a singular veteran who has been at ground zero the real story is the veterans and their families and friends that have banded together to support WOV from their computers, offices and homes. During the time I was interviewed for this online article the WoV has went from “totally grassroots, loosely organized, mostly dispersed, and operated and arranged via social media,” to an official Non-Profit Organization!

We have poured countless hours into the official web page and today we announce the combined efforts of Veterans has begun to take the first steps toward building a brighter future for those we love, and the country we love.

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